About Us

 It all started with a dream. Nah, not really, although it is a pretty good story.

My name is Derrick Bell and I created Toby Wagons in 2012 which we now run as a family business with my wife Julie and young son Conan, our chief product tester. My mother gave me the idea of the pull along wagon. All her grandchildren were very small and she wanted to bring them on a traditional Easter egg hunt. We thought, what would be the best thing to carry all the kids and eggs? A pull along trolley seemed perfect so I looked for one in outdoor toy shops and online, but nobody in Ireland or the UK was selling them. That was our light-bulb moment.

We created different concepts and settled on the Classic Red Wagon. We then thought, is there a way we could improve upon this so we added wooden sides for extra support and carrying capacity and then industrial quality wheels to allow it to ride extra smoothly over every surface and the All Terrain Wagon was born. Built to the highest standards, we then went to get the CE Certification to ensure our wagons were officially approved as safe for and to carry children, and once approved, Toby Wagons was born.

We now sell our pull along carts all over Europe and even as far afield as Australia so we hope you like them as much as we do. We are passionate about wagons and we love to hear what you think or if you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch with us to have a chat.


We created another website called www.mybabyblanket.ie that offer personalised baby blankets that are totally unique. We love them and I hope you do too. Derrick

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